Used in context of general equities. For a customer it means working to buy or sell one's stock, with an emphasis on execution over price. For a trader it means acting in a way that puts the firm's capital at higher risk through paying a higher price, selling cheaper, or making a larger short sale or purchase than the trader would under normal circumstances. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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aggressive UK US /əˈgresɪv/ adjective
done in a very forceful and competitive way in order to gain an advantage: aggressive marketing/expansion/recruiting »

Through aggressive marketing in Europe and Asia, the company pulled in an extra $4.5 billion and doubled its share prices.

aggressive campaigns/strategies/tactics »

Britain’s second largest water company is planning an aggressive campaign to win industrial and business customers from rivals.

forceful, competitive, and determined to win or get what you want: »

Many banks have become more aggressive in making loans to boost revenue growth.


The company has been losing market share for five years, primarily to aggressive competitors that have undercut the company on price.

FINANCE used to describe investments that involve some risk or investors that take risks in order to gain the best results: aggressive funds/investments/trades »

He moved his money into more aggressive investments, including hedge funds and publicly traded stocks.


aggressive buyers/sellers

aggressively /əˈgresɪvli/ adverb

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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